in This module i investigated how new platforms and technologies effect the ways we produce and consume video narratives. i produced research driven practical projects which explored the possibilities and challenged the limitations of emerging media platforms to produce engaging and experimental narratives.
I WAS TASKED TO produce a short piece of filmic narrative which is designed for delivery online and shot using a 360 camera, Demonstrating an understanding of how new technologies shape narrative and the filmic medium.
living so close to the causeway coastal areas i thought it would be a shame not to make use of Northern Ireland's beautiful landscape.
during April 2018, i produced an immersive film detailing some key facts about the giants causeway. 
technical challenge
in march 2018 i was presented with a technical challenge brief to be completed within 7 days.
This was set as a brief, developed to showcase the formal and technical skills presented in workshops and lectures.
This took the form of a short video interview with another student which needed to be correctly shot, lit and edited using premiere pro to demonstrate the level of technical ability in the use of equipment and software.